Be sure to remember you heard it here first!

Sports Hospitality Partnership reveal the top tips and exclusive insights on how many of the avid race-goers pick their winning horses…

Ridiculous Names

Now lets face it, the sillier the name the better! Everyone is out having fun, relaxing, and letting their hair down. If a ridiculous or funny name is amongst the choices many of us will not be able to refuse the temptation – and you never know, they must just win!

In the 2014 Grand National The Package and Shakalakaboomboom didn’t have great odds but we guarantee half the people you know would have bet on one of those! Test it, ask your friends and let us know!

Relatable Names

We hope you have many friends and lots of family who mean the world to you (we don’t mean to upset anyone if you don’t! Awkward!) Many stylish, respectable race-goers will be able to relate ‘Grand Geoffrey’ the horse to their granddad or ‘The Dude’ to their cute little nephew – you can’t believe that this is the exact pet name you have for him!

For reasons such as this, the name inexplicably jumps out at you and you will have an overwhelming sense that this is the horse that will win you lots of money!

Pretty Colours

What’s your favourite colour? Have you bought a new car and love the colour of it? What colour are you wearing today? If you are a lady in a red dress it will be worth betting on yourself that a gentleman will walk past you and sing “Lady in red!” – then when you see that little red, silky outfit the jockey is wearing every impulse will be screaming at you to go to pick that horse!

Favourite Number

Most people have a favourite number as it’s their ‘lucky’ number! It may be your birthday, your house number, your age – your child’s age, or it may just be your lucky number for no other reason that it’s your lucky number!

If a horse has your favourite number, the jockey is wearing your favourite colour outfit and it has a ridiculous and relatable name to an inside joke that only you and who you hold dearest (and know secrets about them too) are aware off – then it’s a pretty sound bet!!!

So, learning’s from this awesome blog…

Whatever the reason you choose to pick your horse (and who knows it may even be based on the odds, the age of the horse, the horses history and victories, the trainer, the weight of the jockey or what the bookies say) we hope you get lucky!

Don’t take it too seriously, be prepared to loose everything that you are willing to bet but most importantly, enjoy the day!